First Step for Sharing My Research

Even though I finished my main research essay, I am looking forward to completing my public writing portfolio.  This is mainly because I was disappointed with the way my research turned out.  I felt like I had so many topics that I did not get to touch on in order to not stray from my main question.  In my research essay, I mainly analyzed the effects of the non-racist rhetoric in the education system on the local DC community.  My next goal with this research project is to pitch my research to my professor so she will nominate me to present at the University Writing Panel Research and Writing Conference.

To find examples, I honestly just googled, “how to pitch your research for a panel,” because I wondered if Google would work better with a more blunt approach.  The results mainly led me to websites giving advice on how to pitch your book at a writing conference to get it published.  This is in the context of being an author pitching your book to editors with other esteemed authors being the competition.  I am not at that level yet, but most of the advice is applicable to my situation nonetheless.  I could not find specific examples of a pitch, just advice.

The author of a pitch is advertising his or her own writing, trying to convince a higher power to publish it.  In my case, I am trying to “publish” my research for the purpose of presenting to future University Writing students, so I must present a pitch to my professor, the superior.  The scene of the pitch is formal, but you can still use “I”.  My particular situation is less formal.  The advice from the websites I looked at said that the main thing is to “play up your credentials”, which I think I could tie into my pitch by relating how my research would benefit the GW community next semester.  The advice from this website is to write around one page, and no more than two, unless it is “brilliant” and there is “a lot to say”.  There was no specification on paragraph length, but I conclude that as long as the paragraphs are fully developed, any length is reasonable.  I personally, will not use abbreviations because I want to be clear in my writing.  Also, by using “insider” words, I would not be able to establish a genuine connection with the reader.  This website did not say anything about citations, but I read a reflection letter with citations; therefore, to rather be safe than sorry, I will cite in my pitch.  Nothing about pictures was mentioned, but to me it seems unnecessary and irrelevant to add pictures.  The only situation in which I could envision this being acceptable for my pitch is if my audience wants me to use a visual aid during the conference and they want me to show a preview of my visual aid.  Since the advice related to writing style, I do not know much about the writing format, but I will follow up with my professor on that.  Overall, I think the best advice is to know your audience beforehand so you can know how to catch their attention in a more effective manner.


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